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Our PTA theme this year is "One For All". We have an amazing school built around our staff, neighborhood, business community and students. 


Please consider joining our team by becoming a PTA member. Last year was very successful for our PTA. We finished strong with 1,052 members and several membership awards for our school. This year our goal is to continue this strong membership and support to our school!


By joining, you secure your right to vote and participate in the program planning and funding our students receive throughout the year. As a member you have the option tol receive (1) directory per membership (you must select you want the directory in the WRE Store), (2) directories per household maximum. Note that directories will only be provided to PTA members with currently enrolled students.


We also have a FREE electronic directory option available. 


We look forward to partnering with you, our parents and teachers in 2019-2020. Texas PTA is committed to helping every child reach his or her potential. Texas PTA offers parent education, programs for the health and well-being of children, programs designed to inspire creativity in the arts and environment, continuing education opportunities for teachers and administrators, and support for individual Local PTAs through training, resources, guidance, programs, materials, answers on managing a small non-profit association, and ideas for success.


Learn more about how you can join the largest child advocacy association in the nation. Over 500,000 parents, educators, students and community members join hands across Texas. We care about children. We care about education. We care about parents. Join us today.


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Friends of WRE

Thank you to the following families for being a "Friend of WRE" for the 2018-2019 School Year!

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Cothern Hickman
Playford Sides Chapman
Somers Walne Willson
Alexander Goodale McMillian
Alexander Gray Mildren
Alva Griffith Monroe
Balderach Gullette Moore
Bedford Haas Murry
Biancardi Halpin Nammari
Bice Hardin Neilson
Blankenship Haylock Ogle
Brackin Hefton Oglesby
Brewer Hernandez Platt
Burns Hunter Qualia
Cain Isbell Ragsdale
Campbell Jacks Sain
Clemons Johnson Shoults
Conrad Johnson Silverberg
Cook Keator Smith
Cross King Smith
Darver King Steele
Dehmer Klein Strosnider
DeLaSierra Kretz Theriot
Duffield Krueger Webster
Dunn Lafferty Whatley
Elliott Lalicker Whitfield
Fairbanks Levreault Woodall
Fulmer Marshall Woods
Gearing Matlack Yeager
Gold McClung Young


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