Is my donation tax deductible?

YES! WRE is a 501(c)(3) organization


Does WRE accept matches from my company?

Absolutely! Check with your HR department for matching capabilities.


How much of your donation goes to the PTA?



How can children get involved?

Have your child write a letter to grandparents, other family members or neighbors asking them to support WRE by becoming a Friend of WRE.


I would like a say in how the PTA uses their budget?

Join PTA! Once the PTA makes recommendations regarding disbursements of funds, members are encouraged to have a say as to how the funds are allocated.


I joined PTA for $10. What is this $10 used for?

It goes to national and state PTAs to bond our PTA and provide other support. A small portion goes to WRE.


Why do we limit 2 fundraising opportunities?

WRE subscribes to the Texas PTA 3-1 guideline. PTAs should use the 3-1 guideline when planning the year’s activities. For every fundraising activity there should be at least 3 non-fundraising aimed at helping parents and children. Programs can advocate for children and families’ rights as well as school improvements.


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Notes from Principal Walker

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