WRE Auction History & Impact


White Rock Elementary's first school auction took place in November 2013 with funds going toward creating a 21st century classroom experience benefiting the 3rd grade rooms.  Proceeds from 2014's auction went toward a digital marquee for outside WRE and to help create 21st-century classrooms for our 4th-6th graders, including iPads, new keyboards, projectors and more. In 2015, enough money was raised to to create that same 21st-century classroom experience for the K-2nd graders.  Funds from the 2016 auction are earmarked for shade structures and additional seating for the playground area when construction is completed.  Proceeds from the 2017 auction were disbursed to fund a "One For All" Fund, Instructional Specialists, and after school Enrichment Programs.  Each year a portion of the WRE Auction proceeds go directly to support major programs and supplies the school would otherwise be unable to afford, such as:
  • substitute teachers for 2 parent/teacher conferences
  • registration fees for continuing ed conferences for our teachers to attend
  • (2) $1000 scholarship to 2 LHHS Seniors who were former WRE Seahawkers
Additionally, 1% of gross proceeds from previous year's auctions benefit area schools including Northlake Elementary School, Thurgood Marshall, Lake Highlands Junior High, and Stults Road Elementary.
Demand for our school continues to grow, as the reputation for the enriched educational experience our students receive spreads throughout the community. With enrollment at an all-time high, we are trying harder than ever to bridge the financial gap between funds provided by RISD, and the actual amount we need for our students to thrive and compete in today’s world.  




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Biancardi Halpin Nammari
Bice Hardin Neilson
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Campbell Jacks Sain
Clemons Johnson Shoults
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Cross King Smith
Darver King Steele
Dehmer Klein Strosnider
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Duffield Krueger Webster
Dunn Lafferty Whatley
Elliott Lalicker Whitfield
Fairbanks Levreault Woodall
Fulmer Marshall Woods
Gearing Matlack Yeager
Gold McClung Young


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