WRE PTA 2020-2021 Approved PTA Disbursements 


The funds disbursed are raised from the 2021 Virtual Auction. The sole purpose of the money raised at the auction is to enhance education opportunities for every child attending WRE. Auction funds are not apart of the PTA operating budget (PTA operating budget covers all activities sponsored by PTA throughout the year, i.e., field day, muffins with mom, donuts with dad, assemblies, author visits, school picnic, multi-cultural night, etc.) The PTA operating funds are generated from our generous booster club partners, our Friends of WRE (write-a-check) campaign, and spirit nights.



The 2021 WRE PTA Disbursements Committee met numerous times in the Spring of 2021 to gather and review input from both parents and staff in regards to disbursing funds raised from the very successful February 2021 Virtual WRE Auction. Many thanks to Meredith Neff and her auction committee for doing such a wonderful job. Thank you to the Disbursements Committee: Stephani Walne (Chair), Melissa Duffield (President), Courtney Halpin (1st VP-Aide), Alice Monroe (Treasurer), Sarah Hefton (Member at Large/Incoming President), Lauri Griffith (4th VP) and Meredith Neff (Auction VP) for all your time and consideration as we make the recommendation to our PTA general membership. Also, a huge thank you to Principal Stevens and Ms. Smith and Mrs. Walker along with the staff for their input and guidance. Parents—thank you for sending recommendations and ideas throughout this process. If you have any questions/concerns/comments, please send any to Stephani Walne.
The 2020-2021 Disbursements Committee made the following recommendation for disbursing funds raised from the 2021 Virtual WRE Auction for the 21-22 school year.  These disbursements were voted on by our PTA at our Zoom! PTA Meeting held on May 6, 2021. Further description of each line item is included below as well.
**Please note that some funds were not spent this year due to Covid circumstances and we have either left items in place for next year (2021-2022) such as the science lab or used remaining unused funds to allow for this year’s disbursement recommendations**
  • One For All Fund: $30,000 will go toward paying for each student to attend field trips like the PTA One For All Fund has done for the previous 3 years. This money will cover field trip entrance fees, buses and any other curriculum related costs. This money will also cover recorders for 4th graders and any new students in 5th-6th in addition to the skating curriculum in PE for upper level grades.
  • Water Bottle Fillers: $23,000 will purchase and install additional water bottle fillers throughout the campus. These funds are from “raise the paddle” at the auction!
  • Scholarships: $2,000 is allocated for 2 scholarships given to 2021 graduating seniors (former WRE students). We collected applications and the recipients and winners were announced in May at the Senior Awards Ceremony at LHHS and announced in the Seahawker. The two scholarships are in memory and honor of Austin Silva and Julian Kampfshulte.
  • Development Learning Center (DLC) (Griffin Shaw): $1,500 will go toward our DLC program to provide supplies and fill any gaps in this program. This “scholarship” is in memory and honor of Griffin Shaw.
  • Special Education (SPED) Supplies: $2,000 will go toward the SPED program at WRE. SPED utilizes these dollars annually to purchase supplies and fill gaps to serve our WRE SPED students.
  • 1% of Auction: $2,000 will go to Northlake Elementary. Traditionally, the WRE PTA Disbursements Committee recommends a portion (1% of our auction proceeds) go toward one of our surrounding schools in the LH feeder pattern. The Disbursements committee discussed and is recommending these dollars go to Northlake as they establish a food pantry similar to the one at LHHS.
  • $300/Teacher Supplies/Wish List: $24,000 will go toward helping ease the burden on our teachers as they prep their classrooms and purchase supplies throughout the year. This is one of the most requested items each year!
  • Instructional Fund: $6,500 will go to the Instructional Library. These dollars will be used to purchase books, manipulatives and any materials requested for shared use by the teachers. The Literacy/Instructional Library is a place where the teachers can check out items to use in their classrooms. Example: Class set of books for a class to use for a reading unit.
  • Emergency Fund: $2,500 will be placed in an emergency fund. If and when there is an urgent need, the PTA is there to help out anonymously.
  • Teacher Development: $5,000 will go toward Teacher Development. As teachers attend conferences or continuing education programs, PTA would like to ease the financial burden. Staff will apply for “Teacher Development Grants” through the PTA and funds will come from here.
  • Subs during Parent/Teacher conferences: $12,320 will go toward providing subs during Parent/Teacher conferences. Subs for conference days are NOT paid for by RISD and staff must use their PTO days. These dollars will cover 2 days per teacher for a fall and spring conference.
  • Pay It Forward (art): $1,400 will go to the 4th grade and 6th grade funds. The 4th grade fund is used to pay for the buses for the 4th grade Ft. Worth field trip and the buses for their 5th grade Sky Ranch trip in the fall. The 6th grade fund is used to pay for all things 6th grade— end of year party, t-shirts, and special 6th grade events.
  • PT Math Specialist & Reading Specialist: $50,000 will go to providing a PT Math Specialist and a PT Reading Specialist at WRE. The Disbursements Committee is excited to recommend continuing providing these funds for Math and adding a Reading Specialist!
  • Grade Level Chair Scholarship: $5,000 will go to recognize the additional time/work of our Grade Level Chairs. This money will go to 10 Chairs (1 per grade including PreK, Specials and SPED)
  • Teacher Supplies Overage: $2,500 is set aside to fill in any supply gaps that unexpectedly come up in the spring once teachers have spent their RISD grade level budgets and $300 wish list funds. These funds are given out as needed.
  • Staff/Student Incentives: $2,500 will go toward staff/student incentives from the WRE Admin.
  • 2 Tutors: $30,000 will, for the 4th year, go to 2 PT Tutors. The Tutors are former RISD teachers that help with both bringing students up to grade level on certain TEKS and providing enrichment for other students. The Disbursements committee is thrilled to recommend these funds go toward continuing to provide this classroom support.
  • Counselor Assembly: $2,000 will go toward providing assemblies and support from the Counselors Corner of WRE!
  • 4th-6th Organization: $350 will go toward creating a streamlined consistent organization and management system for grades 4th-6th to use each year at WRE. This has been a desire among both parents and teachers and the Disbursement Committee is recommending funds to help jump start this “program.”
  • Headphones: $2,500 Students are asked to provide their own headphones/earbuds for use at school. The Disbursements Committee recommends these funds help fill the gap for students who are unable to provide headphones and/or replace broken ones.
  • WRE Landscaping/updates to front: $20,000 is allocated to make improvements to the front of the school including mitigating the crushed granite sliding into the sidewalks by adding a retaining wall & turf. Monies are budgeted to add a couple benches and landscaping along the either side of the front doors along the building. The committee is currently working with RISD to determine shared costs and responsibility.
  • WRE Garden: $15,000 is recommended to support the start up of a WRE Garden in one of the courtyards. The idea is for raised beds to be built where classes may explore planting, growing and learn about the life cycle!
  • Grade Level Subscriptions: $3,200 will allow each grade level to purchase and share subscriptions to things like Brain Pop Jr and Reading A-Z. These support curriculum and take the costs out of our teachers’ pockets! Each grade will have $400 to spend.
  • High Touch, High Tech Science Programming (K/1): $2,500 will bring hands on TEKS science lessons from a “scientist” to the classroom. This is wildly popular in other districts and it will be a hit for our Kinder and 1st grade students!
  • Art-6th Grade Printmaking materials: $400 will help cover additional printmaking materials for the upcoming 6th grade class as they study printmaking in art!
  • Lab Programming: $3,500 is recommended to be disbursed to assist in purchasing lab materials for experiments and hands on learning in our new WRE Lab. K-6 will each receive $500.
  • Gaga Pit: $5,000 will bring the Gaga Pit BACK!!
  • Recess Equipment: $4,200 will purchase a class set of recess equipment—balls, jump ropes,etc to be used at recess!
These recommendations were voted on and approved on May 6, 2021 via Zoom! PTA Meeting.

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