Dear Seahawk Families,


Welcome to the WRE PTA website! It is full of information about PTA and ways parents may get involved—please take a look around. You will find current PTA contacts, event and program dates, forms, and tons of information about what is going on at White Rock Elementary and our PTA.


“Every Child-One Voice” is the National PTA motto and the PTA works tirelessly to be one of the strongest voices in support of the educational process for our children and school. To learn more about what’s going on in RISD PTA, please visit


This year, our local PTA motto is “One for All”. Every child, every family, every teacher/staff in this community matters and our focus is to make a positive impact on each individual, family and thus, our community. Our collaborative efforts to support White Rock transcends to supporting our larger community-Lake Highlands. Our goal is to continue to enrich the environment for our children, families and community. This is where YOU come in—there are so many opportunities to support WRE. First, JOIN PTA! It is so important for an effective PTA—we need the support of our WRE parents and community. Join PTA NOW!


Secondly, VOLUNTEER! There are so many wonderful events and programs throughout the school year and it can’t be done without our volunteers. Click on the “Volunteers” tab to see a list of ways you can jump in! Even if you can’t attend PTA meetings or be at the school during the day, there are so many ways you can contribute to the PTA and WRE! If you aren’t sure where you would like to plug in, please reach out to me anytime. Your involvement will make an impact and I guarantee you will have some FUN too! Let’s make a positive impact in every student’s life, ONE FOR ALL!


To stay informed on WRE happenings, make sure you sign up to receive the Seahawker (once a week newsletter) through our WRE Store. It is full of information and exciting announcements—stay in the know!


Our PTA is blessed with an incredible Board of volunteers who will guide and lead us through the school year. Please contact any of our board members or myself anytime—we would love to visit or assist in any way that we can. I am looking forward to a FUN and busy year—my “door” is always open! 


As the year begins, White Rock will continue growing! Our campus will remain under construction and renovation. We will do our best to keep you updated as the construction moves forward. Construction is never easy but we will all work together to be flexible and make it a great year!


I am looking forward to the upcoming 2018-2019 school year and will work to keep you updated about our students, school and community the best we can. I encourage you to bookmark the PTA website and check back often for updates!


Please reach out with any questions, anytime!


Many thanks,

Stephani Walne