WRE PTA 2018-19 Disbursement Funds Recommendations


Recommending that the 1% of auction donation be given to Stults road. They are a school we have not given to before. We have a community member who has become a member of their PTA and has reached out with needs for their school. This money will go immediately to purchase rewards and incentives for their students as they gear up for STAAR.


Recommending $300 per teacher be allocated as a gift from the PTA.


Recommending another $5000 to build the Literacy Library. RISD is adopting a new ELAR reading program that has yet to be decided...this money will be used immediately once the program is selected. They will also add science, social studies, and math books to this library with this money.


Recommending we set aside $15,000 for Continuing Education/Teacher Development. Each grade level will select a training they plan on attending together...this money will cover the cost for each teacher and sub fund. They will have to submit a grant proposal explaining how this will benefit the team and how they plan to use it in the classroom...it will be reviewed by PTA Disb. chair, Hanchey, and an Admin (P or AP).


Recommending that we cover a second parent/teacher conference substitute cost. In the past we use to have a beginning of the year conference to assess each student with a follow up mid year. The hope is that this will build a better understanding of the students growth throughout the year and create stronger communication between the parent and teacher in regards to each individual student. We will need to follow up and encourage more discussion between faculty and parents prior to vote.


Recommending $3000 to Pay it Forward....3rd grade Auction art received $600 dollars to assist with their 4th grade funding next year and 5th grade Auction art received $1050 dollars to be contributed to the 6th grade funding for next year. The remaining $1350 we are looking at allocating towards the securing a PTA storage unit to house our PTA financial files, and all the many materials we reuse throughout the year. Most schools provide a closet for the PTA, we do not have that, nor is it in the plans to have one in the future.


Recommending $2500 to the LHJH Food Pantry. The Junior High PTA is starting a food pantry... they feel children are getting assistance in the Elementary Schools and High Schools but have been neglected while in Junior High. They have partnered with the CIS Liaison (Communities In Schools) and set up a food pantry and clothing closet at LHJH to help with this. Some children are coming to school on Monday hungry. Often there was no food, or their parents worked all weekend and they were left to make their own meals. Their goal is to fill in the gaps of food, clothing, and school supplies whenever possible. They are currently sending bags of food home every weekend with 8-10 children. Full of healthy food they can easily heat up and prepare on their own. They feel this number will grow as counselors and teachers are made aware of these services and send more children for help.


Recommending $2500 to the LHHS Den Food Pantry. The High School PTA was awarded a large sum from 100 Women in Lake Highlands last year to outfit a food pantry. They stipulation was that the money needed to be spent within the year. There is a concern that due to the decrease in PTA donations by the community, they will not be able to continue to stock the pantry.


Recommending $25,000 to support a Part Time Math Specialist allocation minimum of 20 hours per week. This Math specialist has worked in RISD for several years as a math specialist. She has designed math curriculum and is highly respected within RISD. Grace Hanchey relayed to me that in lieu of all the tutors...her dream would be to have another Instructional specialist (like herself) to focus on K-3 ELAR, she would focus on 4-6 ELAR, and then have a Math Specialist who could work in the areas of intervention as well as enrichment. PTA representatives have met with Darwin Stiller to see if they RISD will allocate and pay for the K-3 specialist salary (approx. $58,000).


Recommending $4500 to pay the grade level chairs a bonus as continued incentive. This bonus made a huge difference in the teachers using their RISD grade level funds allotted to them by the district first before coming to the PTA. We did decrease the payment from $750 to $500.


Recommending $3000 to be set aside for additional teacher expenses and materials that may be needed for the second semester.


This Total comes to $164,100.00. We would like to vote for as many of these as possible at the meeting this week on April 4th. Most of these are standard recurring costs we have had for several years now.


This leaves a balance of $74,230.57 to allocate and vote on at the May meeting. There are a few directions this could go in being spent...


1. We could end up having to pay for the K-3 Instructional specialist...we are awaiting a response from RISD on whether or not they will provide this position for us.
2. We could use this money to pay for a curriculum/technology integration allocation... $20,000. The teachers expressed great interest in being able to have someone they could take a lesson to and have them develop a lesson plan that integrates technology in the appropriate way.

3. We can look at further increasing the Spanish club grades 2-6, continue to support art club, and look at bringing in some STEM assemblies.


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Notes from Principal Walker

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