Our PTA is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have any questions.


President, Melissa Duffield

1st VP Aide, Courtney Halpin

2nd VP Programs, Maura Houchard

3rd VP Membership, Laura Wilcox

4th VP Auction & Booster Ways and Means, Michelle Williams

5th VP Operating Budget and Community, Corrie Strosnider

6th VP Room Rep, Lauri Griffith

7th VP Community Relations, Diana Hunter

Secretary, Emily Kretz

Treasurer, Sarah Hefton 

Parliamentarian, Jean E. Sides

Historian, Andrea Murry



Arts in Education - Reflections, Elissa Genova 

Arts in Education - Projects, Pam Shoults

Clothes Closet, Megan Killebrew

Volunteer Services, Tami Gray

Directory, Merilee Biancardi

Disbursements, Stephani Walne

Field Day, Kristen McNulty

Special Events, Anna Wrightsman

Grounds / Environmental, Lisa Marie McCormack

Health & Safety, Preeya Genz

Hospitality I, Elizabeth Woodard

Hospitality II, Jennifer Willson

Legislation, Dori Wright

Library Events, Baylie DeJean

Library Services, Kimberly Elliott

Multicultural, Martin Stuermer 

Newsletter, Christy Forbes

SAGE (Special Ed), *Jane Edson

SAGE (GT), Kelly Musgrave

School Supplies, Amy Theriot

Service Projects, Rebekah Louis

Spirit Wear, Amy Marable

Talent Show, Laura Nowell

Technology, Melissa Chapman

Yearbook, Whitney Davis



LHAECPTA, Co-Chairs *Sara Platt and Meg Mildren

HONORARY GUESTS (non-voting)

Junior Achievement, Julie Cothern

4th Grade Liaison, Alyssa Ramsey

6th Grade Liaison, Jenny Littlefield

Auction Co-Chairs, *Alice Monroe and Erin Threadgill 


RISD Council Delegate, Tara Hickman

RISD Council Delegate, Sara de los Reyes

RISD Council Delegate (Alternate), Katie Isbell

RISD Council Delegate (Alternate), Mindee Haas


Principal, Becky Stevens

Assistant Principal, Jen Walker

Assistant Principal, Denise Newman

Faculty Liaison, Gretchen Stewart

Faculty Liaison, Beth Ann Clark

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Friends of WRE

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Cothern Hickman
Playford Sides Chapman
Somers Walne Willson
Alexander Goodale McMillian
Alexander Gray Mildren
Alva Griffith Monroe
Balderach Gullette Moore
Bedford Haas Murry
Biancardi Halpin Nammari
Bice Hardin Neilson
Blankenship Haylock Ogle
Brackin Hefton Oglesby
Brewer Hernandez Platt
Burns Hunter Qualia
Cain Isbell Ragsdale
Campbell Jacks Sain
Clemons Johnson Shoults
Conrad Johnson Silverberg
Cook Keator Smith
Cross King Smith
Darver King Steele
Dehmer Klein Strosnider
DeLaSierra Kretz Theriot
Duffield Krueger Webster
Dunn Lafferty Whatley
Elliott Lalicker Whitfield
Fairbanks Levreault Woodall
Fulmer Marshall Woods
Gearing Matlack Yeager
Gold McClung Young