WRE PTA 2018-19 Approved PTA Disbursements 


The funds disbursed are raised from the 2018 Auction. The sole purpose of the money raised at the auction is to enhance education opportunities for every child attending WRE. Auction funds are not apart of the PTA operating budget (PTA operating budget covers all activities sponsored by PTA throughout the year, i.e., field day, muffins with mom, donuts with dad, assemblies, author visits, school picnic, multi-cultural night, etc.) The PTA operating funds are generated from our generous booster club partners, our Friends of WRE (write-a-check) campaign, and spirit nights.


Passed 5/2/19: $60,000 to support a (3) Part Time ELAR Tutors in grades 1-3. These (3) allocations will work a minimum of 20 hours per week. This addition will allow our current Instructional specialist to enhance the focus on ELAR in K-6. This is in-lieu of hiring a second Instructional Specialist for our school, which would allow (1) specialist to focus on K-3 ELAR and (1) specialist to focus on grades 4-6 ELAR. PTA representatives have met with Dr. Darwin Spiller to see if RISD will allocate and pay for the K-3 ELAR specialist salary. At this time RISD does not have the budget information to make a final decision on this requested allocation for our campus. Teacher feedback and requests for return of tutors greatly contributed to this recommendation.


Passed 5/2/19: $20,000 to support a (1) Part Time Technology/Curriculum Integration tutor. The purpose of this position is for teachers to have a contact who can help create lessons, with RISD approved sites, promoting responsible and safe use of technology in the class rooms. This tutor will work closely with the Technology Specialist on staff to create a safer environment for our kids and teachers as we move through this new technology implementation on our campus.


Passed 5/2/19: $2,000 to be set aside for our Counseling Department in effort to provide assemblies, training, and care for our students.


Passed 5/2/19: $1,500 to be acquire a storage facility for PTA. This will house auction, expo, signage, tax files, records, book fair decor...all items we hope to reuse and lower our operating budget costs for some of our events and offices.


Passed 5/2/19: $7,500 to be used towards WRE Reads initiative. ($150 per classroom) Given to the teachers for the sole purpose of purchasing books for their classrooms. Individual books and class book sets are the goal for this donation. This comes at the feedback and recommendation to from parents to help build their classroom libraries.


Passed 4/4/19: $2,200 (1% of auction donation) be given to Stults Road. Every year we donate 1% of auction funds to another school in the LHHS feeder pattern. They are a school we have not given to before. We have a community member who has become a member of their PTA and has reached out with needs for their school. This money will go immediately to purchase rewards and incentives for their students as they gear up for STAAR.


Passed 4/4/19: $40,000 One for All Fund - The purpose of these funds is to cover the cost of field trips, in-line skating costs, additional costs that add up throughout the year... ensuring every child has the opportunity to participate.


Passed 4/4/19: (2) $1,000 Scholarships to high school seniors who attended WRE for a min. of 4 years.


Passed 4/4/19: $1,000 donation to the DP program at WRE.


Passed 4/4/19: $5,000 to continue building the Literacy Library. RISD is adopting a new ELAR reading program that has yet to be decided...this money will be used immediately once the program is selected. The library will also add science, social studies, and math books to this library for teachers to use in their classrooms with this money.


Passed 4/4/19: $4,200 for provision of STAAR Tutors


Passed 4/4/19: $11,000 to cover a max of (2) parent/teacher conference substitute cost per teacher. In the past we use to have a beginning of the year conference to assess each student with a follow up mid year. The hope is that this will build a better understanding of the students growth throughout the year and create stronger communication between the parent and teacher concerning each individual student.


Passed 4/4/19: $3,000 to Pay it Forward fund. This is money the 4th & 6th grade class auction art raises to go towards their Sky Ranch & 6th grade year fundraising efforts.


Passed 4/4/19: $4,500 to pay the grade level chairs scholarship. This scholarship is given at the secondary level by RISD to those teachers heading their departments, but not at the primary level.


Passed 4/4/19: $2,500 to the LHJH Food Pantry. The Junior High PTA is starting a food pantry... they feel children are getting assistance in the Elementary Schools and High Schools but have been neglected while in Junior High. They have partnered with the CIS Liaison (Communities In Schools) and set up a food pantry and clothing closet at LHJH to help with this.


Passed 4/4/19: $2,500 to the LHHS Den Food Pantry. The High School PTA was awarded a large sum from 100 Women in Lake Highlands last year to outfit a food pantry. They stipulation was that the money needed to be spent within the year. There is a concern that due to the decrease in PTA donations by the community, they will not be able to continue to stock the pantry.


Passed 4/4/19: $25,000 to support a Part Time Math Specialist allocation minimum of 20 hours per week. This Math specialist has worked in RISD for several years as a math teacher, specialist, and curriculum developer and is in high standing with the district. This addition will allow our current Instructional specialist to be able to focus on K-6 ELAR. The math specialist will work in the areas of math intervention and enrichment for grades 4-6.  PTA representatives have met with Dr. Darwin Spiller to see if they RISD will allocate and pay for the K-3 ELAR specialist salary. At this time RISD does not have the budget information to make a final decision on this requested allocation for our campus.


Passed 4/4/19 (Revised 5/2/19): $2,000 donation to the Special Education department to assist in securing materials throughout the year.


Passed 4/4/19 (Revised 5/2/19): $5,000 to be set aside for additional teacher expenses and materials that may be needed for the second semester. (Ex. printer cartridges, paper, supplies, etc.)


Passed 4/4/19 (Revised 5/2/19): $20,000 for Continuing Education/Teacher Development. Each grade level will select a training they plan on attending together...this money will cover the cost for each teacher and sub fund. They will submit a grant proposal explaining how this will benefit the team and how they plan to use it in the classroom...it will be reviewed by PTA Disb. chair, Grace Hanchey, and an Admin (P or AP).


Passed 4/4/19 (Revised 5/2/19): $25,000 Escrow 2019-2020 Budget. Every year, June 1st, our Operating Budget begins at $0.00. Our Operating budget is projected and voted on in May (of the same year)etc. The money used for this budget comes from, Boosters, Friends of WRE, and Spirit nights during the year. PTA has summer expenses for spirit wear orders, expo, Auction down payments, website costs, etc., which the escrow covers for the summer months. After auction, the $25,000 is rolled into our EEF (Educational Enhancement Fund - see details below) and added into our disbursement total at the end of the year.


This total comes to $267,500.00. Money from our Education Enhancement Fund (EEF) has been allocated to cover the costs above the money raised at Auction. The EEF funds are money that is rolled over from Escrow, Operating Budget projections that are not used in full during the year, and donations received throughout the year which are above and beyond our operating costs. We use these funds annually in addiction to our auction funds to enhance the education of our students. At the end of each year we retain a $5,000 balance in the EEF fund.


The PTA thanks each of you for your input. We received several requests for STEM related items in disbursements. We received a STEM proposal from a WRE parent, have presented it to RISD, and received approval to move forward with research and implementation. We are hoping to continue to work to implement STEM tools with next years disbursement funds. The research and the planning are in the beginning stages. We hope you feel encouraged, heard, and excited about all that your Auction donations are bringing to every child at WRE!


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